My most recent book published in November 2011 by the History Press is Exodus Burma – which is the story of the British escape from Burma as the Japanese invaded in 1942.

My first book, A Question of Conscience, has now been republished as We Will Not Go to War also by the History Press. It is a collection of stories of Conscientious Objectors from the First and Second World Wars told in their own words. I researched and collected most of the material myself and recorded the interviewees, or used extracts from their letters and diaries.

My second book, Voices From The Home Front, (David and Charles 2004), was in a similar style although 95% of the material was drawn from contemporary sources in archives such as the Imperial War Museum. I also drew on the Imperial War Museum archive for material for a play for Radio 4 (A Change of Heart broadcast 1999). This book has been added to and republished by Readers Digest as The People’s War.

I have also published some local history books, Lost Devon (Birlinn 2007) and Lost Plymouth (Birlinn 2009), have allowed me to explore the county through its history and archives.

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